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The Moot Court Society (MCS) of Pravin Gandhi College of Law (PGCL) believes in its motto which is Improvidus, Apto, Quod Victum meaning Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. The MCS raison d'être the values of effective oral advocacy and legal drafting skills to sharpen the student’s acumen for the legal profession.

MCS was founded on the very foundation of stimulating the spirit of mooting among the students of the institution by rendering various opportunities to proliferate participation while catering to the legal exigencies. The society launches an array of events on a National as well as Intra collegiate levels to promote legal awareness and nurtures the proficient lawyer. It enables and instils the fundamental legal ethos which is of paramount importance to law students.

Improvidus, Apto, Quod Victum


Upcoming Events


Freshers' Moot, 2021

The Freshers' Moot would help moulding the minds of the First Year Law students and prepare them for the complexities of oral advocacy and articulated research.

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Freshers' Speakers List 2021

FAQs for Freshers' Moot 2021

Allotment Notice - 01st May, 2021

Freshers' Moot, 2021 - 

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Freshers' Moot, 2021 -

Moot Proposition and Knowledge and Rule Book

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10th Conficiendis Legislativa 

National Legislative Drafting Competition, 2021

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10th Conficiendis Legislativa 

National Legislative Drafting Competition, 2021

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