Moot Court Society

 Formed in 2007

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Moot Court Society

Professor In-Charge

Moot court society constantly strives to explore the maximum potential of the students. The members engage in constant discussion on contemporary topics, evaluate and bring logical conclusion by either hosting events or participating in such events. MCS thus becomes most important  in each and every student as it constantly engages the students to achieve the best in them.
It is thus our endeavour to review and revise our programs to keep in pace with the global world in the process  continue to  bring out the best by hosting competitions, discussions and events. 

.Dr. Geeta Kubsad

Current Office Bearers

Manasi Adeshra_edited.jpg

Manasi Adeshra

Additional Chairperson

The Moot Court Society stands on three pillars; dedication, team work and innovation. I want to strive to contribute towards a culture which aims for efficiency and excellency but also ensures the holistic development of everyone and pass the legacy in all its glory.

Nitisha Makharia_edited.jpg

Nitisha Makharia


If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the word, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. This year, I envision the Moot Court Society as a team that keeps alive its culture while encouraging discussion and providing a platform for young minds to grow. We won't have to venture out to fight our way through when we bring innovation to our doorstep.

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Amit Padwal

Additional Chairperson

Memories do not have to be notions of good or bad, each one is relative and needs to be cherished as they all contain an element which makes it worth remembering. This optimism has brought us mid-way in a year full of challenges where we, the Core Committee have pledged to take a step towards our destiny, towards our future.

Anushka Mansharamani.jpg

Anushka Mansharamani

Vice Chairperson

The Moot Court Society is all about giving opportunities and a platform to the young minds to grow. I would like this platform to grow with the dedication and teamwork that it possesses. I will strive to continue to maintain the legacy left behind and achieve new heights.

Juhi Shah.jpg

Juhi Shah


At Moot Court Society, we truly believe that Team Work makes the Dream Work. My vision for MCS this year is to strive for the best and bring victories to the college. MCS has always been a strong pillar of support contributing to my growth in the law school and I envision doing the same for all the other law students as well. 

Vatsala Toprani.jpg

Vatsala Toprani

General Secretary

I envision the Moot Court Society to amplify the co-curricular opportunities in PGCL, refine and enhance the students' skills, making them the best versions of themselves.

Parishi Jain.jpg

Parishi Jain

Vice Chairperson

They say that progress is impossible without change; and each year, we turn the page in the form of a new committee. However, this has never stopped us from building a space, where each member puts ‘we before I’. This year, we strive to progress not only individually, but also collectively to fulfil the ideals and the legacy that this society entails.

Vaidehi Laaal.jpg

Vaidehi Laaal

Vice Chairperson

As we are an inch closer to reaching another landmark, MCS is a close-knit family that you will give you the privilege to grow as a person. MCS not only helps the students sharpen their mooting skills but also ensures their holistic development. Being a part of this journey, I would really like to bring value to MCS as it grows into a much more efficient and productive society with its own glorious legacy.

Devanshee Shah_edited.jpg

Devanshee Shah

Student co-ordinator

Moot Court Society is a big part of every student's life in our college. Definitely to me, it has immensely helped me grow as a person and for which I am forever grateful. We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. MCS is a committee and a family which stays close to all our hearts.

Rashi Priya.jpg

Rashi Priya

General Secretary (Admin & Events)

Everything is possible, the impossible just takes longer. This year working along with MCS, the impossible is what I seek to achieve. MCS is a place where we get the opportunity to nurture young talents and seizing opportunity is all what I am about, after all history is always written by the winners. My envision for MCS this year is that we will create a lot of such winners!!

Siddhi Mehta.jpeg

Siddhi Mehta

Student Co-ordinator

MCS, an acronym is a place of growth for me. We at MCS believe Talent wins games, but teamwork and persistence win championships.

Committee Members 2021-22

Manan Mehta.jpg
Bhakti Chandan.jpeg
Somesh Pathak.jpg
Nibha Yadav.jpg

Manan Mehta

Bhakti Chandan

Somesh Pathak

Nibha Yadav

Nahusha Mehta.jpg

Nahusha Mehta

Renee Gohil.jpg

Renee Gohil

Aashna Doshi.jpg

Aashna Doshi

Riyanshi Jain_edited.jpg

Riyanshi Jain

Rachna Verma.jpg

Rachna Verma

Atharv Lama.JPG

Atharv Lama

Yash Gyanchandani.jpg

Yash Gyanchandani

Drashti Khatri_edited.jpg

Drashti Khatri

Shreyash Raj.jpg
Vidhi Mehta.jpg
Ritu Bavishi.jpeg

Shreyash Raj

Vidhi Mehta

Ritu Bavishi

Aman Singh_edited.jpg

Aman Singh

Vaishnavi Tiwari_edited.jpg
Devanshi Rathod.jpg
Jinen Lakdawala.jpg

Vaishnavi Tiwari

Devanshi Rathod

Jinen Lakdawala

Riya Mehta_edited_edited.jpg

Riya Mehta

Gayari Bajaj.jpg

Gayatri Bajaj

Mehak Shetty_edited.jpg

Mehak Shetty

Dhavall Gandhy_edited.jpg

Dhavall Gandhy

Khushi image-1.heic

Khushi Wazalwar

Arshan Engineer.JPG
Shikha Parekh_edited.jpg
Ayden Pereira.jpg

Arshan Engineer

Shikha Parekh

Ayden Pereira

Vidisha Tanna_edited.jpg

Vidisha Tanna

Rushil Shah_edited_edited.jpg
Shambhavi Pant_edited.jpg

Rushil Shah

Shambhavi Pant

Advisory Board 2021-22

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Aaroha Kulkarni

Jaibatruka Mohanta

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Mili Kothari


Siddharth Salve


Sejal Jain


Janak Padia

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Anosh Irani