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Moot Court Society

 Formed in 2007

Moot Court Society

Professor In-Charge

Moot court society constantly strives to explore the maximum potential of the students. The members engage in constant discussion on contemporary topics, evaluate and bring logical conclusion by either hosting events or participating in such events. MCS thus becomes most important  in each and every student as it constantly engages the students to achieve the best in them.
It is thus our endeavour to review and revise our programs to keep in pace with the global world in the process  continue to  bring out the best by hosting competitions, discussions and events. 

.Dr. Geeta Kubsad

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Current Office Bearers

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Somesh Pathak 


They say that without change, there can be no progress, so we form a new committee every year. This hasn't stopped us from cultivating a culture in which everyone puts "we" before "I." This year, we will work hard not only individually, but also collectively, to fulfil the ideals and legacy that this society entails.

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Aasmi Shah

Vice Chairperson

We at MCS believe, “Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution & the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.” We work hard to ensure the growth of the committee as well as the personal growth of our committee members.


Devansh Solanki

General Secretary  (Admin & Events)

The Moot Court Society stands as a testament to the power of teamwork, perseverance, unyielding determination. As part of this society, our mission is to facilitate the growth of each individual, aiding them in developing strong interpersonal skills and unleashing their true potential. Our shared vision revolves around creating an atmosphere where every member can blossom into their best self, collectively working towards excellence.

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Aryaa Varma

Vice Chairperson

The vision for the upcoming year of the Moot Court Society is to foster an increasingly nurturing and empowering environment for law students, enabling them to hone their mooting skills to excellence. The moot court society envisions to shape law students into the best versions of themselves.

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Mukund Raj


In the unfolding chapter of 2023-24, I proudly stand as a core member of the moot court committee, united with fellow office bearers. The Moot Court Committee envisions fostering a heightened spirit of advocacy among students through various initiatives. We aim to instill the significance of mooting, sending students to external competitions, and ultimately establishing a distinguished benchmark.

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Vaidehi Vyas

General Secretary

The moot court society and we the office bearers of 2023-2024 prioritize inclusivity, active participation, and a supportive environment to ensure the committee's success and impact. I would like to elevate the Moot Court Committee's impact by fostering a dynamic learning excellence and also contribute to the overall growth and advancement of aspiring legal practitioners.


Krishi Malde

Student co-ordinator

Creating a successful Moot Court Society involves fostering a vibrant platform for students to enhance their legal advocacy skills. By creating opportunities for networking and collaboration, we aim to prepare members for real-world legal challenges while promoting a strong sense of camaraderie among aspiring legal professionals

Committee Members 2023-24


Jash Jain

Heer Patel

Sahil Jahkar

Gunjan Jain


Jai Majithia

Madhusudan Vyas


Janhavi Angal


Vanshika Gandhi


Anuj Vishawakarma


Sahil Gala


Suraj Dev 


Srishti Shukla


Anuj Gada

Kashish Shah

Jill Kataria


Soumya Bhattar


Gauravi Shirsat

Krisha Dembla

Yakssh Buddhadev

image0 (1).jpeg

Tisha Adhiya


Pari Jhaveri


Anusha Poojary


Pashang Patel

Khushi formals _edited.jpg

Khushi Damani


Kishan Bhagat

Namrata Rao

Niyati Sharma


Sanskruti Berde

202111038975001404971120621 (1).jpg

Yash Gyanchandani

Nirvi Mistry

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-28 at 12.40.50 PM.jpeg

Ashish Jain Prakash

Rushil Shah_edited_edited.jpg

Rushil Shah

Palak Dubey

Advisory Board 2023-24

Anushka MCS.png

Anushka Mansharamani

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