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NAME OF THE COMPETITION: 14th Grand Online Intra Moot Court Competition

DATE OF THE COMPETITION: 11th – 14th June, 2020

PLATFORM: Virtual platform of Cisco WebEx

NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: 150+ attendees




The Moot Court Society (“MCS”) of Pravin Gandhi College of Law (“PGCL”) organised the 14th Grand Online Intra Moot Court Competition, 2020 amidst the CoVID-19 pandemic on the virtual platform of Cisco WebEx through a span of over 4 days.


Intra Moot Court Competition is an internal competition within the college to enhance the mooting spirit among the participating students thus eventually a Speakers’ List and Researcher’s List is formed with the help of the scores which the participants receive during the rounds. On the basis of these lists students are sent for various Moot Court Competitions across the country.


The pre-event days consisted of the release of the Intra Moot Proposition drafted by Adv. Zain Mookhi, followed by the registration process and eventually the students were divided into the teams of three. We had a total of 40 teams participating. The teams comprised of participants from the - I (first) year to the IV (fourth) year students.


The MCS then catered to the issues faced by the participants and released numerous clarifications as regards to the procedure since for the first time the Intra Moot Court Competition was organized on a virtual platform. Clarifications were released on the Moot proposition as well.


The memorials submitted by the teams were then carefully compiled as per the draw of lots and shared with the respective teams and Judges. Demo sessions were conducted for the participants and the Judges to ensure that everyone comfortable on the virtual platform of WebEx meetings.


The Preliminary Rounds were conducted on the 11th and 12th of June, 2020.


Day 1 of the competition started at 07:30 AM with the participants & Judges receiving links of their specific courtrooms. The court room officers then briefed the participants with the rules of the competition, and by 08:00 AM the Slot 1 of Preliminary Rounds had begun, which lasted until 02:00 PM in the afternoon, and within few minutes the Slot 2 began which lasted until 06:30 PM in the evening.

Day 2 followed a similar schedule and the top 8 teams qualified for the Quarter rounds.


The Quarter Finals were held on 13 June 2020 in which 8 teams in 4 virtual courtrooms competed against each other to secure their position in the Semi Finals. As soon as the rounds ended, the top 4 teams were notified and the Semi Finals began. The rounds went on until 08:00 PM in the evening and the top two teams qualified for the Final rounds.


The Final Round was conducted on the 14th June 2020 in the presence of Dr. Birendra Saraf (Senior Advocate - The Bombay High Court & Honorary Secretary of the Bombay Bar Association) along with Adv. Siddharth Ranade & Adv. Rahul Veera who are distinguished alumnus from PGCL.


The Co-Chairperson, Mr. Aaroha Kulkarni, then briefly introduced our esteemed Judges followed by their words of wisdom. Following their address, the Co-Chairperson, Jaibatruka Mohanta, gave a vote of thanks to conclude the event.


The winners for the competition are as follows:

  • Best Team –    1. Simran Chetwani

                                2. Disha Jain

                                3. Nirali Katira

  • Runners Up –   1. Agneya Gopinath

                                  2. Manthan Pandit

                                  3. Manan Mehta

  • Best Memorial –  1. Vanshika Shroff

                                     2. Krisha Thakkar

                                     3. Upanshi Gada 

  • Second Best Memorial –  1. Agneya Gopinath

                                                   2. Manthan Pandit

                                                   3. Manan Mehta

  • Best Advocate (Male) –      Kartik Hede

       Best Advocate (Female) –  Simran Chetwani


The entire execution of this very event would not have been possible without the assistance of SVKMs Management who provided us with Cisco WebEx’s virtual platform, the constant support of our I/c Principal Dr. Nutan Madiwal, and the encouragement of our Faculty-Incharge Dr. Geeta Kubsad.


We are pleased to report that we are truly humbled and honoured by the gratified feedback received from Judges, Professors and the participants on the impeccable conduct of the entire event. We sincerely hope that we can continue to do the same in our future endeavours.


Thank you. 

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