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NAME OF THE EVENT: 9th Conficiendis Legislativa -National Legal Drafting Competition –National Symposium on Marine Pollution & Declaration of Results

DATE OF THE EVENT: 29th June 2020


NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: 100+ attendees 


The Moot Court Society (“MCS”) of Pravin Gandhi College of Law (“PGCL”) organized a National Symposium for the 9th National Legal Drafting Competition – Conficiendis Legislativa.

The Legislative Drafting Competition (“LDC”) is a platform where students pan India get an opportunity to draft a bill and experience the nuances borne by the legislature. Drafting being one of the most crucial aspects holds the cardinal and essence in a lawyer’s journey. Thus the LDC promotes and encourages students to enhance their drafting skills.

The theme for the LDC 2020 was “Regulation of Marine Pollution”.

The competition’s brochure was launched in the month of March 2020 however due to the pandemic the declaration of results & Symposium got delayed. We had received participation from 10 colleges and the National Symposium was attended by students, Professors and others pan India. The Draft Bills were assessed by professionals from various walks of life - Mrs. Reena Agarwal, Dr. Vasundhara Mohan and Adv. Asim Vidyarthi.

The Symposium began at 01:00 PM with our Keynote Speaker being Hon’ble Justice K. Ramakrishnan (Judicial Member - National Green Tribunal) and our Speaker Shri G. Rambabu (Scientist-D – Central Pollution Control Board). The Keynote address was delivered on the topic “Legal Aspect of Marine Pollution” and Shri Rambabu gave us insights on “Status of contaminated sites in India”. Both were highly informative and intellectual which gave all our attendees a rich knowledge about marine pollution.

The session began with Miss. Saziya Godiwala and Miss. Manasi Adeshra giving the introduction followed by Miss. Mili Kothari and Miss. Sejal Jain introducing our esteemed panel. The question and answer session was moderated by Miss. Nitisha Makharia which featured questions from our attendees. Lastly, the results were declared by Hon’ble Justice K. Ramakrishnan and Shri G. Rambabu and to conclude the session the Co-Chairperson Jaibatruka Mohanta proposed the Vote of Thanks. The session ended around 3:30 PM.

Results of the 9th Legislative Drafting Competition:

The Symposium concluded smoothly with the assistance from SVKMs Management who provided us with Cisco WebEx’s virtual platform, the constant support of our I/c Principal Dr. Nutan Madiwal and the encouragement of our Faculty-In-charge Dr. Geeta Kubsad. As the curtains for the 9th Edition of the LDC drew its closure we look forward towards the 10th Edition in anticipation. The legacy created over a decade would reflect in our 10th Edition of the Conficiendis Legislativa.





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G.J Advani Law College

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Harpreet Kaur

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