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NAME OF WEBINAR - Happy To Guide Initiative - Privacy And Data Protection Laws

DATE OF WEBINAR - 29th August, 2020

LOCATION - Microsoft Teams




Event Summary


‘Data is the pollution problem of information age, and protecting privacy is the environmental change’ -Bruce Schneier


With this thought, The Moot Court Society (“MCS”) of Pravin Gandhi College of Law (“PGCL”) organized a Webinar on Privacy and Data Protection Laws as another addition to its Happy To Guide Initiative; the official poster for which was released on the 27th August, 2020 along with the commencement of registration process.


On 29th August, 2020 the webinar started at 11:00 AM IST with the speaker, Adv. Sangram Lotankar, joining us from Dublin, Ireland. A celebrated Attorney, and a Data Protection Professional, Adv. Lotankar is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Criminal Law from University College Dublin.


After a brief Introduction by Mr. Amit Padwal, followed an enriching experience wherein Sir talked about Global Privacy and Data Protection Laws and more specifically, the Indian Personal Data Protection Bill and answered questions of the eager participants. The session concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Mili Kothari.

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