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NAME OF THE COMPETITION: 1st Intra Moot Court Competition for Vigilance Awareness Week, 2020

DATE OF THE COMPETITION: 31st October, 2020 & 2nd November 2020

LOCATION: Microsoft Teams





The Moot Court Society (“MCS”) of Pravin Gandhi College of Law (“PGCL”) under the aegis of the Central Vigilance Commission of India, organized the 1st Intra Moot Court Competition for Vigilance Awareness Week, 2020. With this competition the MCS aimed to inculcate in our students the vigour and virtue of standing up for what is just and fair.


The Moot Proposition along with the Rules and Regulations for the competition was released on the 15th October,2020. The MCS then addressed the participants and made numerous clarifications concerning doubts based on the procedural process and the Moot Proposition.


The Preliminary Round of the competition was a Memorial Qualifying Round. 8 teams with qualified the prelims and proceeded towards the next stage of the competition.

The Quarter Finals were conducted on the 31st October 2020.

The competition began at 09:30 AM with a briefing of the rules of the competition to the participants. The


The Semi Finals were held on November 2, 2020 and the rounds began at 8:00 a.m. The remarkable judges ensured that the attendees could witness nail-biting rounds, ensuring that the participants knew their cases well.

The much-anticipated Finale was undoubtedly astounding as we were graced by the presence of Adv. Amogh Singh (Counsel of the High Court of Bombay) and Adv. Gupte of Apurva (Counsel of the Bombay High Court). The final round was held at 11:00 AM on the same day. It was an absolute pleasure to watch the two teams fight hard using their application of the law and respond quickly to the questions raised by the judges in order to secure the title of the best team in the competition.


Ms. Parishi Jain introduced our esteemed judges and the judges actively addressed our attendees and shared a few words of wisdom. Later, Mr. Amit Padwal extended a warm vote of thanks to concluding this event.

The winners and runners up  for the competition are as follow:


BEST TEAM -                                                Ms. Sharmin Kapadia and Ms. Nimrah Sayani

RUNNERS UP -                                             Ms. Namita Shah and Mr. Manthan Pandit 

BEST MEMORIAL -                                     Ms. Sharmin Kapadia and Ms. Nimrah Sayani

BEST SPEAKER -                                         Ms. Nimrah Sayani

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